The Noise of Silence

Have you ever tried hearing

through empty spaces…..

Or watching beyond horizon

into a world of lost faces…..

Ever walked on the paths

that could never lead to a way…..

Or gazed at the stars

that go unnoticed-astray…..

Ever talked to a stranger

just to know if they’re okay…..

Or played with a random kid

or maybe a dog homeless n stray…..

LIFE as we see it, is beyond any limit

Its like exploring the unknown

With a heart full of zeal & patience

A life is worth it, when lived

In a world sans Violence….

A Life is worth living

Only when you learn to hear


Mother’s Love

Just a few strokes….and the purest of all relationships is made.

Getting creative again

Its amazing to be creative….almost like meditating….you forget all worries of your life and feel accomplished for the moments you’re engrossed in the activity you love doing. For me sketching is one such mode of unwinding….apart from poetry….ofcourse 😊


ना वक्त तन्हा ना मैं तन्हा…

Na waqt tanha, na main tanha…

फिर भी है ये तनहाई का आलम…
Fir b hai ye tanhai ka alam

ना तू रुसवा ना मैं रुसवा…
Na tu ruswa, na main ruswa….

तो क्यूं लगा बेवफाई का इलज़ाम
To kyun lga bewafai ka ilzaam

ना दिल टूटा, ना ख्वाब टूटे…
Na dil toota, na khwaab toote…

फिर भी हंसता रहा हम पर जहां
Fir bhi hasta rha hum per jahaan

ना आह निकली ना लफ्ज़ निकले….
Na aah nikli, na lafz nikle….

फिर भी हो गया अफ़साना ब्यान…
Fir bhi ho gya afsana byaan…

डरने लगे….

यादों के झरोखों में जाने से डरने लगे,

हम खुद अपनी परछाइयों से डरने लगे,

ख्वाब देखा जो कल-तोड़ दिया वक्त ने,

हम बेबस हो वक्त की घातों से डरने लगे,

तुमने ला के यूं छोड़ा हमें रस्ते पर,

हम मंज़िल की राहों से ही डरने लगे,

दर्द उठता है दिल में तेरे ख्याल भर से,

शायद यूं हम तेरे अज़ीज़ ख्यालों से डरने लगे…

Since memories of past haunt me,

I now get scared from my own shadows,

Time shattered away all my dreams

I now get scared from the pace of time,

The way you abandoned me in midway,

I now get scared from every path I walk on,

My heart aches whenever I remember you,

May that’s why I now get scared remembering you…..


जज़बातों से भरी हुई

Jazbaaton se bhari hu,

तुझ बिन वीरान है जिंदगी….

Tujh bin viraan hai zindagi….
आज यादों का झोंका यूँ चला

Aj yaadon ka jhonka yun chala

कि रुख से पर्दा उड़ गया

Ki rukh se parda udd gya

आँखों में आँसू ना सही

Aankhon mey aansu na sahi

लेकिन कुछ परेशान है ज़िंदगी….

Lekin kuch pareshaan hai zindagi….
दिल के हाथों मजबूर थे कभी

Dil k hathon majbur the kabhi

आज हालातों ने मजबूर कर दिया

Aj halaaton ne majbur kar dia

सफर है एक अंजानी मन्ज़िल का

Safar hai ek anjaani manzil ka

और सामान है ज़िंदगी…..

Aur samaan hai zindagi….
कहते हैं वक्त बदल देता है

Kehte hain waqt badal deta hai 

अपने साथ ज़माने को

Apne sath zamaane ko

आज खुद को आईने में देख

Aaj khud ko aaine mey dekh

 जाने क्यों हैरान है ज़िंदगी…

Jaane kyun hairaan hai zindagi…

दिल का दर्द

इस पत्थर दिल ज़माने से

दिल का दर्द छुपा रखा है

आज फिर तुम याद आ गए

वर्ना अर्से से तुम्हें भुला रखा है

क्या पता था इस मोड़ पर हम तन्हा रह जाएंगे

वर्ना सामां हमने भी सफर का बांध रखा है

हैं बहुत हमें भी दिलासा देने वाले

तुमने किसलिए हमसे रिश्ता ये बना रखा है

दिल में लाख चुभे थे कांटे किसी ज़माने में

शायद तभी इसे आज दामन से छुपा रखा है

है दस्तूर ज़माने का रिश्तों को दफ़न कर देना 

मैंने भी कब्र को अपनी बुनियाद बना रखा है…


From this hard hearted world

I’ve hidden my heart’s deepest pain
You’re being remembered today

Else I’d forgotten you since ages

Who knew I’d be left abandoned like this

 Else I too had packed up for life’s journey

There are many to console me

Then why are you still connected to me

My heart had been hurt badly in the past

Maybe thats why I hide it from the world

It’s a ritual to bury relations in this world

And so I’ve laid my coffin as my foundation…

Be Positive

“Can’t believe it’s time. I’d been waiting for this my whole life” exclaimed Sonu. “You must be crazy, do you by any chance have any idea what’s about to happen?” Stuttered  Monu, maybe because of fear. Both Sonu and Monu hung together to one of the branches of Maple tree that stood tall in my backyard overlooking through my bedroom window from past so many years.

It was cool breezy Sunday morning. I’d been lazing around in my room when I heard the their conversation. Sonu and Monu both were leaves of same age and colour. They’d sprouted together and grew up facing same weather conditions all through their life span. It was beginning of fall, the time they had to bid adieu to the world, the place they had stayed like…..Forever.

Hearing them talk, got the lost me back from my thoughts. I laid on my bed, fully concentrating on their words. I could hear Monu sobbing. Obviously, change not just brings in fear with itself but also the pain of departure. It’s hard to bid goodbye to something that have always been around you. Monu’s emotional dilemma was understandable. “How can this happen to me, why is it happening at all? I’m just too scared to this uncertainty. Why God……why ME??? Falling down and hitting the ground would hurt me. The new whereabouts, new atmosphere will be hard and it will be really difficult to survive”.

On the contrary, Sonu sounded excited and was looking forward to this change as an adventurous roller coaster ride. I heard him explaining his emotions. “C’on Monu, we’ve been hanging here for such a long time, imagine how it would be like when we’ll be flying like birds with this wind . It would feel like we too got wings attached for taking a flight. Think how exciting experience it would be to get carried away by the wind like a small baby in the arms of his mother. How it would be like to touch the ground below with our own feet. We have always seen everything from up here by just hanging. I so want to feel the ground below, sit next to those flowers who have been smiling from far off all along.

Suddenly, there were sounds of screaming, one out of terror and one out of excitement. I rushed to the window just to see two beautiful leaves falling down towards the ground. One was heading straight down while the other was twisting and turning around, gliding down as if it was playing with the wind. I could very well differentiate who was Monu and who was Sonu.

This incident taught me one thing about “Attitude”. Under the given situation when the result was same, experience was also all the more same, it was just the change of attitude, that made huge difference. Where Monu had a gloomy, sad and depressive ending, Sonu on the contrary enjoyed every single moment life provided him.

A Positive Attitude not only empowers you to face the difficulties, but helps you to enjoy maximum benefits even from an adverse situation. “Positive Thinking isn’t about expecting the best to happen everytime, but accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment.”

एक एहसास…

दुआओं में मेरी कुछ तो असर रहा है
​Duaon mey meri kuch to asar rha hai

यूं ही नहीं तूने पलट के अलविदा कहा है….

Yun hi nhi tune palat k alvida kaha hai…

हमनफज, हमनशीं, हमसफर ना सही

Humnafaz, humnashin, humsafar na sahi

कम से कम हमदर्द तो तू मेरा रहा है….

Kumse kum Hamdard to tu mera raha hai…

जुदा होंंगें रास्ते ये खबर तो थी हमें

Juda honge raaste ye khabar to thi humein

हमारा साथ इस मोड़ तक मुल्तवी हुआ है….

Humara sath iss Mod tak multavvi hua hai…

खो जाएंगे ये मन्ज़र फिर ना जाने कहां

Kho jayenge ye manzar fir na jaane kahan

बीत जाएगा ये वक्त जो अभी ठहरा हुआ है…..

Beet jayega ye waqt jo abhi thehra hua hai…

गुज़रे लम्हों को जो देखेंगे तो महसूस होगा

Guzre lamho ko jo dekhenge to mehsus hoga

एक खास रिश्ता है जो हमें जोड़े रहा है….

Ek khaas rishta h jo humein jode rha hai….


है आरजू या तो बेपनाह
या ख्वाहिश अधूरी रह गई हो जैसे

थम रही हैं ये सांसें

या फिर वक्त ही थम गया हो जैसे…..

मुझे दस्तूर-ए-जमाने का इल्म नहीं

बंदिशें ताउम्र मुझपर लगी हों जैसे

उड जाऊं बेबाक परिंदे की तरह

अरमानों ने पंख लगा लिए हों जैसे…..

दर्द आंखों में यूं दिखाई नहीं देता

लबोंं पर हसीं सजा रखी हो जैसे

जी लूं हर इक पल को कुछ इस तरह

जिंदगी इसी आलम में गुजर जाएगी जैसे…..