The girl from the city

Dilemma, the word in itself explains myself these days, especially since the time I got promoted in my current organization and subsequently got transferred to a new place of posting which is around 450-475kms away from my dwelling, the City Beautiful-Chandigarh. To accept or not to accept the orders- Dilemma. Since the new place is going to be a rural area, to take my child & family along or to spare them from such ordeals- Dilemma. Whether I need to forego promotion to be with my child or I need to step up on my career ladder for my baby’s better future-Dilemma.

Somehow, the typical me who dares to face the uncertainties of life, with the help of a supportive hubby, both sets of caring parents (the ones I got by birth & the ones by law) and an equally sporty daughter who’s barely 3yr old, I moved to this typical rural area of Rajasthan, a place named “Sardarshahar”.

The day I landed here, the whole world seemed to be under some kind of whirlwind. I felt as if I’ve time travelled to some 20years in the past. A somewhat old place,which is though called Shahar(city) by its name but if seen through my eyes, it is nothing more than a village. A place full of auto rickshaws, who at times run 10-20 in number back to back in a straight line as if they are Boggies of a train.

Destiny at times plays such a prank, I landed from a beautiful, well planned and well organized city-Chandigarh to a place which it seems- is a public urinal…and am not kidding at all, I actually see one male urinating in open in every 3-4 minutes while I make an attempt to walk in market area. On Sunday, most of the shops are closed by afternoon and if by any chance you happen to go to the market place in the evening, the whole area smells like a Gents public urinal(Not that I’ve visited male urinals but yeah can make out 😛 ). I actually realized why India needs to start a campaign as #Swatchh-Bharat-Abhiyan that too in the 21st Century.

So, for a few day’s I’d love to pour my heart out on the experience, the girl from the city attained in a new place-“SARDARSHAHAR”. Will try to add illustrative pics as well (definitely not the ones with men urinating on the sick roads of the market….Lolz).

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