The girl from the City

My friends who read my earlier post must be having an impression that”The girl from the city” has a negative approach towards this “Change” that has taken place in her life. Initially, YES, “The girl from the city” had faced a setback, and its normal. A complete mixture of culture shock, change in the entire lifestyle had shook me. It was like gulping a huge sip of Strong Soda, initially the fizz sizzles in your nose and throat, but within few seconds you get accustomed to the taste and make adjustments in the quantity you can in one go.

For me, the first fizz to get adjusted to was the huge change in culture and the way people carried it. If you happen to get lost in the galiyaan (narrow streets) here and seek help from locals, the last thing you’d expect is to get accompanied till you find a familiar corner. Initially, it frightened the hell out of me, especially with the kind of news you hear about girls/ladies getting abused & molested. But then I realised people here are quite helpful and definitely not the kind who’d try to find a reason to touch/eve tease a girl travelling alone. I could feel more secure here in comparison to how I felt  travelling alone in places like Delhi etc. Even in Chandigarh, I don’t remember a single occasion when a stranger walked with me to tell me the correct direction. But here I often got lost and was accompanied by a stranger in a most decent way.impressive…

The second hurdle for me was the language. Communication is very important for human being and if you find that the flow of ideas from one to the other is not smooth, it’s really frustrating. So, I started being really attentive as to learn how common things are pronounciated in local language here. The local people here are predominantly using Marwadi language for conversing. There were some peculiar words that really caught my attention first. One of the frequently used, very much attention seeking and all the more funny word was-“Thhaa”(sounds like a gun shot). Many times during the day I’d hear every single person using the word. Curiously I asked one of my colleague what the word actually meant which to my surprise meant-“Know”. So if someone said,”Manne thaa Koni” i realised he/she meant “I don’t know” instead of saying “Don’t shoot me”(a translation that came to my witty mind initially)

So the place is not at all “That bad”, the Girl from the city realised this in due course. Hence a new perspective began…..


  1. I have been hearing the sunscreen song…and this has definitely been a post that reminds me of the very same song…how to bounce back from repelling situations… I have bookmarked this…and now whenever I would be feeling low, I am gonna give this a read! Thanks for penning ur thoughts here…these are totally dose of zenith!

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