In today’s time, when cut throat competition is a common scenario, where earning easy money has become latest trend amongst the youth, I was taken aback by a simple gesture of one stranger who forced me to think whether there are angels living in this real world.

One fine day, as a routine, I had hired an auto from my place to work like any other day. On my way, one of my co-passenger (a lady) got off at government hospital and handed over a fifty rupee note to the driver and rushed into the hospital. Her haste movements and facial expressions revealed that she was worried and was so much occupied in her worries as she didn’t realize that she was meant to pay mere Rs.10/- for the journey she had travelled so far. The moment she left, the driver realised that he was been paid five times more than what he’d charge. In normal course, you’d expect the driver to take advantage of the mistake & drive away quickly even before the situation is analysed. But to my surprise, the auto wala bhaiya grabbed the change from his change box & rushed through the hospital gates, trying to locate the lady. It took his 5-10mins to actually find her and hand her with the change.

This gesture quite impressed me. I couldn’t stop myself & asked him why he went ahead to return the amount whereas he could have easily kept it and probably didn’t have to take another round or carry 4 passengers  to earn this much amount. To this, his simple reply touched my heart, “Madam ji hum gareeb zarur hain lekin chor nhi….kisi k haq ka paisa maar k chain ki neend kahan so payenge. Kal ko upar wala jab hisaab karega to apni kamayi izzat hi kaam ayegi na ki chori ya dhokhe we kamaayi hui daulat.”

Wish many of us could adopt such thought & learn to be true to humanity. Wish we could follow rules not because the cops would bother us otherwise. Wish people could donate for good cause & not for impressing others or to show off their good deeds. If at all, each one of us could act upon with a positive frame of mind, for our own good, this world would then be a lot better place to live in.

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