I don’t believe you dear Friendship Day

I don’t exactly remember when i first heard about this particular day called, “Friendship Day” but I do remember my first and instant reaction to it, ” Dedicating 24hrs to friendship, is it really enough?” People whom I call my friends (I mean the actual ones and not for the sake of categorisation), definitely deserve more than mere few hours in a year. Yup, I value friendship and there’s no doubt on that part. Those who know me closely would vouch for my loyalty and support. I might not physically be there by their side every time, but I try my level best to comfort them, guide them in best possible manner and in case the situation is beyond control, I try to help them to see the whole scenario with a positive frame of mind. In return I have a bunch of people whom I can trust with closed eyes. 

I’m truly blessed and am lucky as far as the question of having good friends is concerned. There are many whom I’ve not met even once, but am having a great bonding with them. There are some who walked with me for a few miles in my journey of life and then we parted ways but are in touch with each other off and on, one of them is a friend of the era I started my school life with, i.e. my nursery classmate. There are few I got acquainted initially as colleagues, but later found great friends in them. “I’m blessed.”

The other day, I was having a very restless time, my mind full of thoughts and I was completely in a state of confusion, it was already past midnight. I simply sat down and started scrolling my phone, saw my closest friend’s name in my chatlist and just dropped a “Hi” to her. To my surprise, the spontaneous and of course the sweetest thing she did was to give me a call in very next second asking me what’s bothering me that kept me awake at that hour. We chatted for an hour and she was all ears to me. That’s what friends are……and that’s what friendship is all about. That particular one hour was my friendship hour and I’m ready to spend my whole life that way. I take the honor to grab a chance and convey my gratitude to all those who touched my heart and left their mark for me to cherish the time spent together. May God bless you all and may we remain friends for years and years to come. Thank you Lord for blessing me with the company of such lovely souls who support me when I need them the most, who share with me their laughter,their sorrows, their emotions….. Ummm….their pocket money/pay check (Winkie wink).
So here’s me wishing not just a day…..not just a week….or month….or year…..but a whole lifetime to you my dear friend 😘

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