Open Letter to a Friend


In response to the Prompt word challenge -“Moon”, I take the honor to put up an open letter to an old friend of mine.

Dear Mr.Moon,

 I know for you I must be one amongst the zillion of souls who look up to you, but for me you’ve always been the first and oldest companion I’ve had since birth. As a child, most of my fairy tales revolved around you. I remember gazing at you from my bedroom’s window every night and talking to you within my own thoughts. The talks used to continue till the time I used to  doze off watching you every night.

When I grew up, my world started getting more complex. Emotions, all sort of them, I started experiencing all of them and who would know that better than you. I shared my dilemma, my achievements, my tears and laughter with you. You were the one who accompanied me in the world of fantasies where love existed. For me you became the messenger to convey my feelings to my sweetheart.

Years later, childhood again turned up between you and me. This time, those tiny eyes gazing at you before they doze off to sleep are not mine. But am glad, that you’d remain a permanent companion for my sweet little baby, just like the way you’ve always been for me. Thank you. 😘