I don’t believe you dear Friendship Day

I don’t exactly remember when i first heard about this particular day called, “Friendship Day” but I do remember my first and instant reaction to it, ” Dedicating 24hrs to friendship, is it really enough?” People whom I call my friends (I mean the actual ones and not for the sake of categorisation), definitely deserve more than mere few hours in a year. Yup, I value friendship and there’s no doubt on that part. Those who know me closely would vouch for my loyalty and support. I might not physically be there by their side every time, but I try my level best to comfort them, guide them in best possible manner and in case the situation is beyond control, I try to help them to see the whole scenario with a positive frame of mind. In return I have a bunch of people whom I can trust with closed eyes. 

I’m truly blessed and am lucky as far as the question of having good friends is concerned. There are many whom I’ve not met even once, but am having a great bonding with them. There are some who walked with me for a few miles in my journey of life and then we parted ways but are in touch with each other off and on, one of them is a friend of the era I started my school life with, i.e. my nursery classmate. There are few I got acquainted initially as colleagues, but later found great friends in them. “I’m blessed.”

The other day, I was having a very restless time, my mind full of thoughts and I was completely in a state of confusion, it was already past midnight. I simply sat down and started scrolling my phone, saw my closest friend’s name in my chatlist and just dropped a “Hi” to her. To my surprise, the spontaneous and of course the sweetest thing she did was to give me a call in very next second asking me what’s bothering me that kept me awake at that hour. We chatted for an hour and she was all ears to me. That’s what friends are……and that’s what friendship is all about. That particular one hour was my friendship hour and I’m ready to spend my whole life that way. I take the honor to grab a chance and convey my gratitude to all those who touched my heart and left their mark for me to cherish the time spent together. May God bless you all and may we remain friends for years and years to come. Thank you Lord for blessing me with the company of such lovely souls who support me when I need them the most, who share with me their laughter,their sorrows, their emotions….. Ummm….their pocket money/pay check (Winkie wink).
So here’s me wishing not just a day…..not just a week….or month….or year…..but a whole lifetime to you my dear friend 😘

The girl from the City

My friends who read my earlier post must be having an impression that”The girl from the city” has a negative approach towards this “Change” that has taken place in her life. Initially, YES, “The girl from the city” had faced a setback, and its normal. A complete mixture of culture shock, change in the entire lifestyle had shook me. It was like gulping a huge sip of Strong Soda, initially the fizz sizzles in your nose and throat, but within few seconds you get accustomed to the taste and make adjustments in the quantity you can in one go.

For me, the first fizz to get adjusted to was the huge change in culture and the way people carried it. If you happen to get lost in the galiyaan (narrow streets) here and seek help from locals, the last thing you’d expect is to get accompanied till you find a familiar corner. Initially, it frightened the hell out of me, especially with the kind of news you hear about girls/ladies getting abused & molested. But then I realised people here are quite helpful and definitely not the kind who’d try to find a reason to touch/eve tease a girl travelling alone. I could feel more secure here in comparison to how I felt  travelling alone in places like Delhi etc. Even in Chandigarh, I don’t remember a single occasion when a stranger walked with me to tell me the correct direction. But here I often got lost and was accompanied by a stranger in a most decent way.impressive…

The second hurdle for me was the language. Communication is very important for human being and if you find that the flow of ideas from one to the other is not smooth, it’s really frustrating. So, I started being really attentive as to learn how common things are pronounciated in local language here. The local people here are predominantly using Marwadi language for conversing. There were some peculiar words that really caught my attention first. One of the frequently used, very much attention seeking and all the more funny word was-“Thhaa”(sounds like a gun shot). Many times during the day I’d hear every single person using the word. Curiously I asked one of my colleague what the word actually meant which to my surprise meant-“Know”. So if someone said,”Manne thaa Koni” i realised he/she meant “I don’t know” instead of saying “Don’t shoot me”(a translation that came to my witty mind initially)

So the place is not at all “That bad”, the Girl from the city realised this in due course. Hence a new perspective began…..

The girl from the city

Dilemma, the word in itself explains myself these days, especially since the time I got promoted in my current organization and subsequently got transferred to a new place of posting which is around 450-475kms away from my dwelling, the City Beautiful-Chandigarh. To accept or not to accept the orders- Dilemma. Since the new place is going to be a rural area, to take my child & family along or to spare them from such ordeals- Dilemma. Whether I need to forego promotion to be with my child or I need to step up on my career ladder for my baby’s better future-Dilemma.

Somehow, the typical me who dares to face the uncertainties of life, with the help of a supportive hubby, both sets of caring parents (the ones I got by birth & the ones by law) and an equally sporty daughter who’s barely 3yr old, I moved to this typical rural area of Rajasthan, a place named “Sardarshahar”.

The day I landed here, the whole world seemed to be under some kind of whirlwind. I felt as if I’ve time travelled to some 20years in the past. A somewhat old place,which is though called Shahar(city) by its name but if seen through my eyes, it is nothing more than a village. A place full of auto rickshaws, who at times run 10-20 in number back to back in a straight line as if they are Boggies of a train.

Destiny at times plays such a prank, I landed from a beautiful, well planned and well organized city-Chandigarh to a place which it seems- is a public urinal…and am not kidding at all, I actually see one male urinating in open in every 3-4 minutes while I make an attempt to walk in market area. On Sunday, most of the shops are closed by afternoon and if by any chance you happen to go to the market place in the evening, the whole area smells like a Gents public urinal(Not that I’ve visited male urinals but yeah can make out 😛 ). I actually realized why India needs to start a campaign as #Swatchh-Bharat-Abhiyan that too in the 21st Century.

So, for a few day’s I’d love to pour my heart out on the experience, the girl from the city attained in a new place-“SARDARSHAHAR”. Will try to add illustrative pics as well (definitely not the ones with men urinating on the sick roads of the market….Lolz).